Circle City Con 9.0 Info

The Ham Radio Village is going to CircleCityCon!

The HRV is excited to bring ham radio to CircleCityCon 9.0 in Indianapolis, Indiana from July 1-3. We'll be giving introductory presentations on amateur radio, FREE amateur radio license testing, and other ham radio fun!

Call for volunteer examiners (CFVEs)

As this is our first time attending C3, we're currently on the lookout for additional volunteer examiners to assist in the process of administering free amateur radio license examinations.

If you've been looking to give back to the amateur radio community, this is a great way to get others into the hobby by helping them get their license while at Circle City Con 9.0!

Volunteer examiners (VEs) are the backbone of the HRV, and help extend the tradition of free amateur radio license testing at infosec conferences for years! Last year we've administered over 200 exams with the help of VEs.

Submit to the CFVEs here!