Ham Radio Village

Soldier holding radio in front of a ham hawk and radio tower

HRV HALLOW3N "Zombie Hunt" Event Station

Possible W3N QSL Design

Welcome to W3N, the Halloween special event Zombie Hunt for the Ham Radio Village. Catch us on Halloween! We'll be calling "CQ Zombies" on SSB!

We will be operating different mode (including FT8, CW, & SSB) and bands throughout the event. Use your favorite spotting site or Check out Twitter feed to find us!

QSL Info: All contacts confirmed via LoTW; special edition QSL card to be mailed to all Voice and CW contacts. QSL cards for Digital modes available upon request to QSL Manager N1CCK.

Thank you for participating in DEF CON "Safe Mode"!

Thanks for everyone for participating! And a very special thank you to all of our speakers, presenters, and village staff, who put in countless hours of work to make everything run smoothly.

DEF CON 28 Safe Mode Post-Con Info

In the coming weeks, we'll be posting archive copies of all the recorded content. Stay tuned! The DC28 Safe Mode Schedule & Information is still available for reference.

Why Ham Radio at DEF CON®?

After several years of being involved running ham radio exams at DEF CON®, a common theme emerged: People were either wondering where to start, interested in learning more, or deciding what to do next. Other villages touched on related topics, but there wasn't anything specific for the growing ham community. Ham Radio is in may ways the original "hacker" culture and "maker" community, and it's a shame we don't better represent ourselves to the larger hacker community. Our goal is to fix that!

We were accepted as a new village to DEF CON 27 and though we were a small new village tucked away in the Flamingo, we had a great turnout, lots of interest, good content, and started building the foundation to be even better in the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help the community in a number of ways, including:

Want to help?

If you're interested in helping out in any way with Ham Radio Village, you can also drop a line to eric@ai0j.radio and I'll get in touch.