Ham Radio Village Club Meeting Announcement and Call for Callsigns

Date: Jan. 22, 2021

Hello everyone, it is time for the first Ham Radio Village Club meeting to take place. As stated by section 3 of the club's by-laws, "Regular business meetings shall be held quarterly online".

With that said, the Q1 Ham Radio Village Club meeting will be taking place February 20th (Saturday), 2021 at 5pm PST, 8PM EST in the HRV Discord voice channel.

Also as of today, we are also holding a call for callsigns! As stated by article VII of the Ham Radio Village Club Constitution:

The club may elect to apply for a club call sign as provided by FCC rules Part 97. The President shall assign trusteeship of the club call sign. The trustee shall: *Be a member of the club in good standing *Meet FCC requirements. *Not had their Radio Amateur licensed revoked or sanctioned at any time.

So, from now till February 19th, club members are welcome to submit what they would wish the callsign for the Ham Radio Village Club to be, which will the be voted on during a 7 day period from the start of the club meeting on the 20th, to the following Saturday at 5pm PST, 8pm EST.

Note: All submissions for the HRV club callsign will be reviewed by the club officers in order to ensure that the club callsign best represents the values of the Ham Radio Village Club.

If you would like to submit your idea for the HRV Club callsign, please do so here.

All club members are encouraged to join us on the 20th, if you are unable to join us at that time though, notes will be posted on the Ham Radio Village website, hamvillage.org.

Form for call for callsigns: https://forms.gle/oLQ4ZUWvZdjCYybf7

See you then!

-Justin N8FCC, club secretary